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'Lonely Australian Boy' by Phil O'Brien 

13 Original Songs, ranging from 'pretty bad' to 'not to bad', a must for music lovers everywhere !

Don't be the only one on your street without it !


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Lonely Australian Boy - Live - Phil O'Brien
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Yarns from the Wild Top End 

Duration 100 minutes.
A great collection of yarns to listen to while your thumpin down the highway in that Road train or towing that bloody caravan ! Or just kickin back with a cold one. In this 20 part series of pretty unique yarns, Phil O'Brien captures the passion the danger and exotica of the Top End of the Northern Territory, and its laconic characters. Everything from shotgun wielding publicans to chomping crocodiles turning up in peoples tents, charging buffaloes, and ghosts that never seem to want to leave ! One thing for bloody sure , the Top End is no ordinary place ...and neither are the people who live there.
Compiled and Produced by Phil O'Brien and Cal Williams


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'101 Adventures that got me absolutely nowhere'  Songs and Stories

Duration 147 minutes - Audio Book plus Musical Interludes


Misadventure, Near Death Experiences , Failed Romance, Financial Mismanagement, and Alcohol Abuse ...its got it all.

An amazing bunch of stories in the life and travels of Outback raconteur Phil O'Brien. Also intermingled with some original ballads to make this a real collectors edition.

Join Phil O'Brien in his hilarious adventures in the Bush, they're sometimes bazaar, they're often embarrassing, and sadly for Phil , its all true !

A great collection of songs and stories!

No one's done more miles and no-one tells a better yarn !


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'Two Silver Bream in the Moonlight'   [From 101 Adventures...Songs and Stories]

Sample audio 


A naked Scandinavian, writers block, and some snappy Crocs... Phil O'Brien getting in depth about the process of writing a best seller!


'Canberra Girl' Performed by Phil O'Brien, a real tear jerker... 

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