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From small gatherings around a campfire to National TV, everyone loves a good yarn, its in our DnA as Australians , appearing on shows such as Hamish and Andy 'True Stories', 'Good Morning Australia', 'The Today Show' and the ABC and BBC , Phil O'Brien has displayed his passion for entertaining and keeping the art of storytelling alive.

From the humble beginnings of walking around the bush with a pen and a writing pad Phil has progressed onto not only writing some bestselling literature, but also produced some colourful film works. Always challenged financially but dedicated in bringing out and sharing the characters and  beauty of his home the Northern Territory. His films may lack budget, technical expertise, and a lot of just about everything else , but one thing for sure , there unique !

Yarning it up with Richard Wilkins
'Two Crows talking'
Phil catches up with old mate Cattleman Ben Tapp,
[a short clip from documentary 'Places Pubs and People'] very funny
TV Campaigns 

Phil has been active in community and charity work when given the opportunity, and has featured in several TV campaigns such as Responsible drinking and Pool Safety and was awarded a Pride of Australia award for his efforts in the 'Fair Go' campaign, a series of community service announcements for TV.


'A Fair Go'

Phil O'Brien using the power of TV to spread a powerful community message.

Feature Films and documentary's

Somewhere ...just north of a song

Two Rough Diamonds...One French Firecracker...and a story ... wild and unpredictable...
Full HD Duration 104 minutes
Set amidst the rugged splendor of the Australian Outback , two fun loving drifters, Singing raconteur Phil O'Brien and ex Jailbird Al Zimdahl come across a French beauty 'Elisa', alone in the middle of nowhere, and on a mission to find what she really wants out of life. A gifted Singer and musician, the bright lights of Paris and her Fathers business caused her disillusion, and she'd thrown herself into the empty vastness of the Northern Territory hoping to find answers. More twists and turns than two snakes having sex on a rocky ridge!

Watch now !

'Places Pubs and People'

For laconic bushman Phil O'Brien the many years travelling the rough dusty tracks of Outback Northern Territory have paid off, maybe not in material wealth, but in forged friendships, and a sense of freedom. Phil brings this to the camera, and through a series of bush style interludes, interviews, and scenarios gives the viewer a rare look at a uniquely diverse place.
Duration 60 minutes - Filmed by legendary Cameraman Ian Redfern and compiled and hosted by Phil O'Brien.

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