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Best described as a 'raconteur' he has had over 200 different jobs, none of which has got him anywhere. Refusing to be financially responsible ,
settle down, or commit to anything, he lives a nomadic life across the
                     Northern Territory Australia.


      New film !

'Free online watch it anywhere anytime , feel the magic and take a trip to North East Arnhem Land ! 
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   Northern Territory  Web Series

            'Fracketty Frack'

             Not to be missed

Out Now !

Compilation Album

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Best Seller !

Smell the fresh air and cow dung with every turn of the page ! Australian yarns at there very best ...unfortunately all the stories are true !


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A feature film that's got it all ! Grab a six pack, relax, and enjoy a genuine Phil O'Brien no budget spectacular !

'Crazy Days at the Old Brumby Moon'

Sequel to On Tour and Lookin for Feed starring Al Zimdahl Phil O'Brien David Gulpilil and a few more wild thespians.

From the Archives

Places Pubs and People

  Phil on Hamish and Andy's                          True Story's - watch full episode


The Perfect Damper

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